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Delegate365 changelog version 4.1-Many new features

von Toni Pohl, 7. July 2015 19:10
Shortly we released Delegate365 version 4.1 with many new features. See the details here....

Test the speed of the Azure datacenters from your location

von Toni Pohl, 7. July 2015 11:29
When using Azure services or products running on Azure like our Delegate365 it is important to place them in a datacenter near you to get a low latency. There are some websites performing speed tests. Try it out to find the best datacenter for your Azure services!...

Delegate365 Pricing and Ordering

von Toni Pohl, 6. July 2015 10:45
The licensing of Delegate365 is at user base for the number of users that are to be managed with Delegate365. See here how the pricing and ordering works!...

Our Microsoft Virtual Academy courses are online

von Toni Pohl, 3. July 2015 16:35
In May Martina, I and our MVP colleague Sigi Jagott have been to Redmond and recorded some courses about Office 365 for Microsoft Virtual Academy. Find some infos from behind the scene and our MVA courses here!...

Next, next, Windows 10

von Toni Pohl, 2. July 2015 23:58
Wow, Microsoft is fast in delivering new versions of it’s Technical Preview of Windows 10. Today, Gabe Aul announced the availability of the next build of Win10 TP in "Welcome to the faster Fast ring": Build 10162....

10 Millionen Server fadisieren sich…

von Toni Pohl, 2. July 2015 23:40
Ja, wir haben Sommer (und es ist richtig heiß in Mitteleuropa). Da hat Norbert Palecek (@Palenor) gerade passend auf einen aktuellen Artikel von hingewiesen… Ein Drittel aller Server im Koma......

Kostenkontrolle mit Azure Billing API (Preview)

von Toni Pohl, 1. July 2015 08:00
Ganz neu und frisch gibt es seit wenigen Tagen eine Azure Billing API. Damit können Azure Subscriptions, deren Verwendung und die Kosten abgefragt werden....

Delegate365 changelog version 4.0.5-Synced infos and the latest Auto-Sync history

von Toni Pohl, 26. June 2015 08:00
Delegate365 version 4.0.5 is out. The last automatic sync operations are now shown in the sync page and the lists show if objects are cloud or synced items. See the details here....

Delegate365 changelog version 4.0-New Member Picker and Fixes

von Toni Pohl, 25. June 2015 13:40
In Delegate365 version 4.0 we have made further improvements and some minor fixes. We introduced a new member picker with Auto-Suggest instead of the old dialog picker which now is accessible in the new Task Pane. The sync was updated to get the synced or cloud-information and some fixes for setting alias addresses and mailbox delegation. See the details here....

The next steps on Windows 10

von Toni Pohl, 21. June 2015 16:35
See the very interesting article “Upcoming changes to Windows 10 Insider Preview builds” by Gabe Aul in Blogging Windows for the latest news about Windows 10 and it’s official release in about one month....

Visual Studio Online Szenarien

von Toni Pohl, 17. June 2015 08:00
In Teil 1 habe ich beschrieben, wie man Organisationskonten mit Visual Studio Online nutzen kann. Hierzu möchte ich noch einige weitere Infos anfügen, die für die Verwendung von VS Online im Unternehmen hilfreich sind....

Delegate365 changelog version 3.9.5-Updates

von Toni Pohl, 15. June 2015 14:55
Delegate365 version 3.9.5 is out. We made some minor changes since the last version 3.9. See the changes here:...