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Looking forward to #SPSParis

von Toni Pohl, 26. May 2015 13:44
Martina and I have been on Microsoft Ignite Conference in Chicago recently. There we met Patrick Guimonet, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director in France and spoke briefly about Build and Ignite Conference and about our session at SharePoint Saturday Paris (#SPSParis)....

How to fix wrong folder names in Outlook

von Toni Pohl, 24. May 2015 14:55
Since some time some folder names in my mailbox have been “wrong” in Outlook. What do I mean by wrong? Well, they had names like “Junk-E-Mail1” and “RSS-Feeds1” and I could not rename or delete them. Here's how to fix that (as well as the correct language)....

Delegate365 changelog version 3.7-New user interface, Bulk operations and much more

von Toni Pohl, 20. May 2015 08:00
Delegate365 version 3.7 brings a bunch of new features! Again, this version is a major milestone for our Office365 Add-On product. First of all, the management of all lists has been improved. We now use a Side Panel for all options for the selected objects which eases the usage. With that there are new bulk operations available. Some features have been improved and changed as well. See the details here....

Delegate365 changelog version 3.6-United (Un)Assign

von Toni Pohl, 19. May 2015 13:07
Shortly we launched Delegate365 version 3.6. There were some changes and more features added. In the administration menu the modules for assigning and unassigning have been combined, Administrators now can set their default values for creating users and the support address is now configurable....

Office 2016 Preview für Office 365 Abonnenten bereits verfügbar

von Martina Grom, 19. May 2015 08:00
Ein kurzer Tipp für alle, die Office 2016 Preview bereits jetzt ausprobieren wollen und ein Office 365 Abo haben: das neue Office steht für alle Office 365 Abonnenten bereits zum Download zur Verfügung. Voraussetzung ist im Enterprise Bereich, dass First Release aktiviert ist....

Free E-Books from Microsoft Press

von Martina Grom, 18. May 2015 07:49
There are a lot of new, free E-Books available from Microsoft Press. Topics are around Windows 10, Microsoft Azure, App Development, Microsoft System Center and a lot more. Look at the newest preview Book for Windows 10....

Download der Sessions und Präsentationen von BUILD und Ignite

von Toni Pohl, 17. May 2015 16:00
Das Session-Angebot der letzten beiden großen Microsoft Konferenzen BUILD und Ignite ist riesig. Hier gibts ein PowerShell Script zum automatischen Download aller Sessions und Slides!...

Download Microsoft Office 2016 Preview

von Toni Pohl, 15. May 2015 21:14
Interested in the Microsoft Office 2016 Preview which was announced for public download at MSIgnite? Well, get it online from various sources....

Download Sessions and Slides of #MSIgnite 2015

von Toni Pohl, 13. May 2015 08:00
Want to download all sessions of #MSIgnite 2015 easily? Simply use this PowerShell script!...

#MSIgnite 2015 on Twitter

von Toni Pohl, 10. May 2015 18:55
It has been a noisy week in Social Media with #MSIgnite. Such a large conference as Microsoft Ignite produces a lot of traffic in Social Media. We made some Twitter reports to deliver some more impressions about MSIgnite....

Ignite 2015 Wrap-up

von Toni Pohl, 9. May 2015 09:15
Today is Microsoft Ignite’s last conference day. Microsoft largest IT-conference MSIgnite took place from 4t to 8th of May in Chicagos’s McCormick center, some miles south of downtown. Martina and I attended BUILD conference too, so we have a direct comparison of the two large Microsoft conferences this year. Check out our impressions here!...

BUILD 2015 Wrap up

von Toni Pohl, 4. May 2015 03:00
Time flies! As soon as BUILD conference 2015 started it’s over now. Read my personal wrap-up here....