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SharePoint 2016 Roadmap

von Martina Grom, 16. April 2015 23:30
Viele Unternehmen setzen SharePoint als Intranet, App- und Zusammenarbeits-Plattform ein. Heute hat Microsoft im Office Blog die erste offizielle Roadmap zur nächsten Version, SharePoint Server 2016, bekanntgegeben....

Azure Media Services mit dem Azure Media Player konsumieren

von Toni Pohl, 16. April 2015 10:00
Gestern wurde der Azure Media Player im Azure-Blog angekündigt. Film ab!...

Why mobile?

von Toni Pohl, 12. April 2015 22:11
On there’s a nice representation how fast the mobile market is growing – and how important this market is and will be in near future....

Quote of the day

von Toni Pohl, 10. April 2015 14:00
Great saying by @csdhall, valued MVP-colleague and Yoga Guru: “If you think you are living in the age of digital media, you are wrong. Infact, you are living digital media.”...

Delegate365 changelog version 3.4-MFA and more

von Toni Pohl, 9. April 2015 19:00
Delegate365 version 3.4 comes with some new features like MFA support, Mailbox settings enhancements and some more......

Check out our new Delegate365 videos

von Toni Pohl, 8. April 2015 17:20
We produced new videos showing the ease-of-use of Office 365 user and license management with Delegate365. Check them out on our product-website!...

Wie Sie Ihre Office 365 Login Seite anpassen können

von Martina Grom, 8. April 2015 07:30
In diesem Artikel sehen Sie, wie Sie ihre eigene Login Seite für Office 365 anpassen können. Wir fügen ein eigenes Logo, einen angepassten Text und auch ein neues Hintergrundbild hinzu. Dazu verwenden wir Azure AD....

How to add custom branding to your Office 365 login page

von Martina Grom, 5. April 2015 13:36
Tired of the default login page for Office 365 - in this article I describe how to change it with Azure AD customization. Customize your own Office 365 Login page. You can add a custom Logo as well as Text and a new image....

Azure Resource Explorer

von Toni Pohl, 5. April 2015 13:00
Heute gibt es ein kleines Ostergeschenk für alle Developer, die mit Azure entwickeln, nämlich den ganz neuen Azure Resource Explorer....

Run Android Apps on a Mac or PC with Google Chrome

von Toni Pohl, 4. April 2015 23:00
Yesterday I stumbled across an article on The Verge website: You can now run Android apps on a Mac or PC with Google Chrome. Check it out!...

See our Google AdWords reference story about Delegate365

von Toni Pohl, 4. April 2015 11:20
We at atwork developed a solution named Delegate365 ( We are using Google AdWords which helps to successfully advertise the product for the target markets. Google asked us if we want to share our marketing story for Delegate365. So here it is!...

Delegate 3.4 will be released soon

von Toni Pohl, 19. March 2015 14:10
We are working hard on Delegate365 right now and are currently working on the next version 3.4 which will be released in the next days. We also are producing new short videos showing how to setup and how to work with Delegate365....