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Office 365 Development und Office 365 API Sandbox

Der beste Einstiegspunkt für die Entwicklung mit Office 365 ist Developer können hier gleich am Office 365 Dev Program” teilnehmen und einen kostenfreien Office 365 Abonnement für ein ganzes Jahr eröffnenn! Außerdem gibt es hier noch eine API Sandbox zum Spielen...

Ignite 2015 Wrap-up

Today is Microsoft Ignite’s last conference day. Microsoft largest IT-conference MSIgnite took place from 4t to 8th of May in Chicagos’s McCormick center, some miles south of downtown. Martina and I attended BUILD conference too, so we have a direct comparison of the two large Microsoft conferences this year. Check out our impressions here!

Using Azure ServiceBus for Debugging SharePoint 2013 Apps with Remote Event Receiver-Part 1

The new app model has a lot of benefits, especially for Web Developers who are writing solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 or SharePoint Online. A very common request of Line-of-Business (LOB) apps is that actions in SharePoint lists shall trigger special operations, for example to start a workflow or to exchange data with other, external systems. This can be accomplished with Remote Event Receivers” in SharePoint. Here we show how this works with SharePoint 2013.