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The money, Internet Giants earn each second

An interesting visualization shows, how much money is made in the internet industry … per second! See Battle of the Internet Giants for a live view.


I don’t know if this represents real numbers (well, this is a Real-Time Accumulation of Wealth”), but the live visualization is made pretty well and is impressive!

Especially the fact that Apple profits about 50% of all shown income – with companies as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, facebook, YouTube etc. – I did not know. My snapshot was made after 60 seconds. So in one minute Apple makes a profit of about $ 70K, Microsoft 41K, Google 24K, Skype about 4K, and facebook only” about 3K while Twitter is loosing money each second.

Thanks, Adis Jugo for sharing in facebook (who made $ 14.940 revenue in the last minute…)!