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Insider Dev Tour 2019 Vienna

Yesterday, the Insider Dev Tour 2019 took place in our home town Vienna, organized from the community for the community. About 60 attendees joined us at this beautiful summer day in the Microsoft Office in Vienna. See some snapshots from the #InsiderDevTour event here.

Develop Intelligent Apps for the Modern Workplace interview at ECS 2019

End of May the European Collaboration Summit 2019 took place in Germany. My MVP colleague Michael Greth did a short interview with me about Microsoft Graph and my session "Develop Intelligent Apps for the Modern Workplace". Watch it here.

New Rainbow Themes are available in your Office 365 Tenant

All of you who sign in to their Office 365 Home site will see three new Themes available now, considered the Rainbow Themes! One Style is a Unicorn style. So right in Pride month you get LoveIsLove Themes in Office 365 as well!To change the look of your environment, simply click on the gear icon in the upper right corner. If you do not see it, custom themes are disabled by your administrator in your tenant.So - activate your Unicorn in Office 365!

Celebrating EuroPride 2019 in Vienna

At atwork, diversity and inclusion are in our daily life. Everyone should be treated equally and with respect. These are the foundations of our modern society. This year, Euro Pride takes place in our home town Vienna. We want to show our sympathy by adapting our atwork logo on the website and in our blog to the rainbow colors. We support pride and the LGBTIQ community with the motto "Join us. March with us. Together & Proud."

This was European Collaboration Summit 2019

The European Collaboration Summit (ECS), also known as #collabsummit, is the largest community-driven conference in the world with a focus on modern workplace technologies and digital transformation. Experts from around the world informed about topics such as Microsoft 365, Azure, SharePoint, AWS, business apps and more. We were happy to be part of that great event in May 2019 in Wiesbaden, Germany. See some impressions here.

Enjoyed SharePoint Conference 2019

Last week, the SharePoint Conference returned to Las Vegas! #SPC19 took place from May 21 - 23, 2019 at the brand-new MGM Grand conference center, Las Vegas, Nevada. The event informed about the latest news in SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Microsoft 365 and Azure. We from atwork were proud to deliver a full day workshop about Security and Governance in Microsoft 365 and some sessions. See some impressions of SPC19 here!

Project Online / Project Server: Lesen und Schreiben von Benutzerdefinierte Enterprise-Feldern / Read and Write Enterprise Custom Fields

Zur Vereinfachung immer wiederkehrender Aktivitäten werden häufig Makros eingesetzt. Bei Verbindung von Project mit Project Online oder Project Server werden dabei oft Benutzerdefinierte Enterprise-Felder benötigt. Lesen Sie hier, wie Sie Werte für diese Felder lesen und aktualisieren können.

To simplify everyday tasks, macros are often used. With Project connected to Project Online or Project Server, macros may use Enterprise Custom Fields. Read here how to read and update values for these fields.

Project: Benutzerdefinierte Felder in andere Entität kopieren / Copy Custom Fields to Other Entity

Häufig wird in Foren die Frage gestellt, weshalb Werte benutzerdefinierter Felder in einer Ansicht nicht zur Verfügung stehen. Das liegt üblicherweise daran, dass das Feld für eine Enität erstellt wurde, die in der gewünschten Ansicht nicht zur Verfügung steht. Lesen Sie hier, wie Sie die Werte per Makro in der gewünschten Ansicht zur Verfügung stellen können.

There is often a question in forums why values of custom fields are not available in a specific view. This is usually because the field was created for an entity that is not available in the view you want. Read here, how you can populate these values in the required view.

Project: Export PSP in Office / Export WBS to Office

Leider bietet Project keine Möglichkeit, die Planung als PSP zu exportieren. Diese Anforderung wird aber oft in Foren und auch von Kunden gestellt. Ich stelle hier ein Makro bereit, dass eine SmartArt Grafik in Excel, Word und PowerPoint bereitstellt.

Unfortunately, Project does not provide a way to export the planning as a WBS. However, this requirement is often asked in forums and also by customers. Here's a macro that provides a SmartArt graphic in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Get the Microsoft Graph g-raph stickers

If you are a Microsoft 365 developer, you will be working with the Microsoft Graph to access data in the cloud. Of course, every product needs a mascot. So, the Microsoft Graph team created their own mascot recently: The Microsoft Graph g-raph (giraffe). Get the artwork for the Microsoft Graph g-raph here!

Project: Zuordnungseinheiten neu berechnen / Recalculate Assignment Units

Im Artikel Zuordnungseinheiten in Project ab Version 2010 ist beschrieben, weshalb die Anzeige der Zuordnungseinheiten bei der Änderung von Dauer oder Arbeit ab Project 2010 nicht aktualisiert wird. Rod Gill aus Australien hat dazu ein Makro zur Verfügung gestellt, mit dem die Neuberechnung der Zuordnungseinheiten erfolgen kann: Reset Assignment Units. In Europa verwenden wir jedoch andere Regionaleinstellungen, daher finden Sie hier eine modifizierte Version.

The article Assignment Units in Project 2010 describes why the display of the assignment units is not updated when changing the duration or the work as of Project 2010. Rod Gill from Australia has provided a macro that can be used to recalculate the allocation units: Reset Assignment Units. In Europe, however, we use different regional settings, so you will find here a modified version.