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Project: Export PSP in Office / Export WBS to Office

Leider bietet Project keine Möglichkeit, die Planung als PSP zu exportieren. Diese Anforderung wird aber oft in Foren und auch von Kunden gestellt. Ich stelle hier ein Makro bereit, dass eine SmartArt Grafik in Excel, Word und PowerPoint bereitstellt.

Unfortunately, Project does not provide a way to export the planning as a WBS. However, this requirement is often asked in forums and also by customers. Here's a macro that provides a SmartArt graphic in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Get the Microsoft Graph g-raph stickers

If you are a Microsoft 365 developer, you will be working with the Microsoft Graph to access data in the cloud. Of course, every product needs a mascot. So, the Microsoft Graph team created their own mascot recently: The Microsoft Graph g-raph (giraffe). Get the artwork for the Microsoft Graph g-raph here!

Project: Zuordnungseinheiten neu berechnen / Recalculate Assignment Units

Im Artikel Zuordnungseinheiten in Project ab Version 2010 ist beschrieben, weshalb die Anzeige der Zuordnungseinheiten bei der Änderung von Dauer oder Arbeit ab Project 2010 nicht aktualisiert wird. Rod Gill aus Australien hat dazu ein Makro zur Verfügung gestellt, mit dem die Neuberechnung der Zuordnungseinheiten erfolgen kann: Reset Assignment Units. In Europa verwenden wir jedoch andere Regionaleinstellungen, daher finden Sie hier eine modifizierte Version.

The article Assignment Units in Project 2010 describes why the display of the assignment units is not updated when changing the duration or the work as of Project 2010. Rod Gill from Australia has provided a macro that can be used to recalculate the allocation units: Reset Assignment Units. In Europe, however, we use different regional settings, so you will find here a modified version.

Project: Makros implementieren / Implement Macros

In Foren wird häufig nach Automatisierungen gefragt, die mit Makros umgesetzt werden können. In diesem Artikel wird beschrieben, wie diese Makros in ein Projekt, auf den eigenen Rechner oder in Project Online / Project Server übernommen werden können. In künftigen Artikeln folgen dann Makros, die häufig im Einsatz sind.

In forums, there are often requests for automations that can be implemented with macros. This article describes how to apply these macros to a project, to your own machine, or to Project Online / Project Server. Future articles will be followed by macros that are frequently in use.

#MSBUILD 2019 News

This week, from May 6-8, Microsoft BUILD conference is happening near Microsoft´s home in Seattle, WA. With about 6000 people from around the world, BUILD is Microsoft´s largest yearly developer conference. This year, we learned tons of news, and the best part is, you get the content for free and you can find a complete guide of all news announced at Build here.

Project Online / Project Server: Project Detail Pages - Enhancements (Part 8)- Disable "Project Owner" Button on Project Detail Page

In common scenarios, project managers are allowed to edit some projects not owned by themselves. With allowing this, they are also to change the owner of a project to any other project manager, what may not be the indented behavior. As an administrator, you can disable the Owner button the prevent them from changing by using some JavaScript.

Groups Governance Toolkit-Working with group policies

At Microsoft Ignite conference last September, we demoed an approach for a self-built Office 365 Groups Governance Toolkit. Since Microsoft 365 is an evergreen service and continues to evolve, today we have more group settings available and we extend our provisioning function to work with group naming policies as well. See here how this can be accomplished by including new Graph requests.

Microsoft 365 Fragen und Antworten bei atwork´s kostenloser Security Sprechstunde

Microsoft und atwork laden zur Remote Teilnahme an unserer Security Sprechstunde ein! Dies ist ein Online-Event via Microsoft Teams Meeting, welches mehrmals von Frühling bis Sommer 2019 von Microsoft Österreich und atwork kostenlos angeboten wird. Teilnehmer erfahren die neueste Informationen und Praxistipps rund um Microsoft 365 und können Fragen an die Experten stellen. Hier geht es zu den Terminen!

Switch your Office 365 pro plus from 32bit to 64bit

Microsoft started to recommend its 64bit edition of Office 365 pro plus to be installed as the default Office installation. While at first many people think this is a bad idea due to all add-ins I did the switch last weekend and it was a very smooth and friction free experience.

Till April 2019 you had to manually uninstall the 32bit version of Office first and than install the 64bit version. If you are deploying Office 365 pro plus through the Office 365 Deployment toolkit you can now automate this experience and add a new switch to your config file.

How to add custom user properties to Delve and SharePoint

The Delve App allows to discover company and user data across Office 365. Unfortunately, while the app is very helpful, it can not be customized. Well, but we can easily add additional user information, such as personal data, a cost center, additional contact data or hyperlinks, etc. See how this works here.