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Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Training Day

Today, the Microsoft 365 Training Day for Security and Compliance took place at the Microsoft Office in Vienna. Microsoft 365 experts Martina Grom and Klaus Harrer-Nemecek provided information on the cloud security strategy and security implementation for the Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace. The interest was huge.

Impressions of Microsoft Ignite 2019

Last week, the Microsoft Ignite conference took place in Orlando, Florida. Microsoft informed about its new products and services and offered over 1000 sessions and over 200 hands-on experiences to attend and watch online. This was our 5th Ignite conference and we had a blast. See some impressions here.

Delegate365 changelog 8.5-Sync with Security Group

Delegate365 version 8.5 comes with an updated sync operation for the option "Sync with security group". This option allows to achieve a match between (specific) Office 365 security groups and Delegate365 OU´s. In short, this means that the members of a Security Group control the assigned members of an OU, and after a sync, they are identical. See a description of this sync feature here.

Join us at the Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp in Vienna!

We are excited to kick off the Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp in Vienna, Austria on November 27, 2019!

Project: Makros mit Datumsfeldern in mehrsprachiger Umgebung / Macros with Date Fields in Multilanguage Environment

Wenn Sie mit einem Makro auf leere Datumsfelder prüfen möchten, können Sie in der deutschen Version von Project auf den Text NV prüfen. Wenn das Makro in einer anderen Sprachversion von Project gestartet wird, kommt es aber zu Problemen, da in anderen Sprachen nicht NV zur Darstellung leerer Datumsfelder verwendet wird. Lesen Sie hier, wie Sie Ihr Makro sprachunabhängig gestalten können.

If you want to check for empty date fields with a macro, you can check the text "NA" in the English version of Project. If the macro is started in a different language version of Project, problems will occur because other languages do not use "NA" to represent empty date fields. Read here how to make your macro language independent.

Project: Formeln mit Datumsfeldern in mehrsprachiger Umgebung / Formulas with Date Fields in Multilanguage Environment

Formeln mit Datumsfeldern, die auch keinen Wert haben können, können in Project zu Fehlern führen, wenn der Projektplan in einer anderen Sprache geöffnet wird. Lesen Sie hier, wie Sie Fehler für diese Formeln vermeiden können.

Formulas with date fields that may not have value may cause errors in Project if the project plan is opened in different language. Read here how to avoid errors for these formulas.