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How to setup an Exchange Admin in Office 365 (and use this account in Delegate365)

In large organizations it´s often useful to create an own Exchange administrator for performing tasks against the Exchange API´s, f.e. with PowerShell or with third party tools like Delegate365. Here´s how to create an Exchange Admin in Office 365.

Announcing Delegate365 version 2.9

In the coming week there will be the next update of Delegate rolled out. This will be Delegate version 2.9 which includes these updates: New Synchronization: We improved the sync processes (for domains, security groups, distribution lists and user and licenses) which now are combined in one simple step. The user import now can be configured with rules for putting users in specific OU´s depending on special properties (country, security groups, AAD properties...) Design updates: we adapted the styles and reduced the font size in the HTML controls as some changes in some user forms (accordions to expand and collapse to save space). We have a full list of planned features which are currently implemented and tested. More to come in the next version(s)... We keep you informed about the new version 2.9 here in the next days.