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Delegate365 changelog version 4.3-User Types, Custom Views user type filters and Search Updates

Today we released Delegate365 version 4.3. Now the user types are shown in the users list to see these information at a glance. Custom views got new filters by user type and text search was generalized in the D365 portal. Also custom email addresses can be added now. See the details here.

Delegate365 changelog version 4.2-User Search, Views and Updates

Delegate365 version 4.2 is out. The users list now can be filtered in a better way. The text search has been improved and the list offers system and customizable views for quick and easy filtering. For synced users now there is no Password reset function and Global Admins can restrict if admins are able to create new users. OU Overview delivers all managed objects at a glance. See the details here.

Office 365 Domain is stuck in another shadow tenant

Domain verification in office 365 is one of the requirements to use Office 365 in production. Sometimes it happens that you receive an error while you want to add your domain to a tenant. There are various reasons for that. The Domain was already added in another tenant and not removed from that tenant. Normally the IT department knows which tenant is affected and can work out a solution. A user in your company signed up for a PowerBI Demo. A fast way to remove an accidentially added domain from a PowerBI demo is available through that steps: A user with "" needs sign-up in Once you sign up, your account will be provisioned in the tenant Now go to and signup with "" account You will get an "Become an admin" option. Follow through the process of becoming an admin (you will asked to verify that you own the domain with the TXT record) At the end of this process, you should be the owner / admin of this tenant Now you can either decide to continue using this tenant or if you are particular about the tenant name, then, delete the domain "" from the shadow tenant (note that all users who had signed up for azure AD RMS and PowerBI will lose access to those services). How to remove a domain from Office 365 is documented here and troubleshooting is documented here.  Have fun with Office 365!