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Delegate365 changelog version 4.0-New Member Picker and Fixes

In Delegate365 version 4.0 we have made further improvements and some minor fixes. We introduced a new member picker with Auto-Suggest instead of the old dialog picker which now is accessible in the new Task Pane. The sync was updated to get the synced or cloud-information and some fixes for setting alias addresses and mailbox delegation. See the details here.

Delegate365 changelog version 3.9-It's all about sync, admin settings and branding

The next version of Delegate365 is here! In Delegate365 version 3.9 we have even more cool features and improvements. The sync processes now offers a bunch of innovations for automatic assignments to Delegate365 OU’s and was unified with the automatic sync function. Another switch was implemented to prohibit Admins access to the user’s mailbox settings as well as the new options for customize Delegate365 with your company logo and themes and some more features. See the details here.

Delegate365 changelog version 3.7-New user interface, Bulk operations and much more

Delegate365 version 3.7 brings a bunch of new features! Again, this version is a major milestone for our Office365 Add-On product. First of all, the management of all lists has been improved. We now use a Side Panel for all options for the selected objects which eases the usage. With that there are new bulk operations available. Some features have been improved and changed as well. See the details here.