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How Delegate 365 can help you with Office 365 Student Advantage

Since beginning of december Microsoft Office 365 Student Advantage is available for educational facilities like schools and universities. With Student Advantage participating schools get free access to Microsoft Office 365 as long as the schools license Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus for their faculty members. A great deal to get the Office 365 licenses – for free!

Office 365 Saturday

Today, on 30th November 2013 from 9am - 5pm GMT, there was the first Online Office 365 Saturday event in the world – as virtual event via Lync! Experts informed in one-hour sessions about Microsoft Office 365 technologies and how Office 365 can be used to deliver world-class communications, collaboration, and social solutions.

SPC Adriatics 2013

This week, on Nov. 27th to 28th, SPC Adriatics conference took place in Zagreb, Croatia. It was the second SPC Adriatics with the motto Back to business” and about 200 participants from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Germany. The SharePoint conference offered 40 sessions with 30 international speakers.