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I Am MEC-Session about Remote Control Office 365 with Microsoft Azure

This week, from March 31th to April 2nd, the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 takes place in Austin, Texas. Austin is a great city and it´s fun to be here an to be part of the conference! Find our slides and our code sample here.

Windows Intune-add your custom enrollment address for your mobile device management

In the last couple of weeks I did a lot Windows Intune POC's with Demo Customer environments. Windows Intune is a great tool for mobile device management, you can add Windows Devices as well as your Windows Phones and iOS Devices. Mobile Device Management made easy, so you can manage your devices. To setup Mobile Device Management you have first decide what the authority of your Mobile Device Management is. Since I am a public cloud addicted, I use Intune the plain way. Of course you can also configure it together with your System Center infrastructure. After you have set that you can now start configuring your Mobile Device Management. If you want to add your mobile devices you've to name a management server. In most cases I left it how it was, Some customers prefer to add their own domain and that's what today's article is about. The Technet Documentation describes to add a CNAME record for your domain and afterwards verify it. As someone who knows DNS I thought Intune won't care, which name my CNAME record has, the only important thing is the correct endpoint which is So here is the first thing to be aware of: If you add your mobile device manually you have to use If you try you cannot add the device. So I set a CNAME for to Try to verify it: Why? nslookup shows that everything is correct. So I tried to do it as Technet says: to Verification fails again. The trick is: Add the CNAME record for to To verify that, simply verify it with the root domain and everything works. Have fun using your own Domain in mobile device management.