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Automatische Übersetzungen sind super ... für die Lachmuskel. So auch zum Beispiel jüngst in einem facebook-Post gesehen - auf dieser wunderschönen Seite eines Hotel in Venedig: Hotel Ariston 3Stars Hotel - BegruBen Sie Hotel Ariston... "Um einfach in unserer Seite zu schiffen, klicken Sie bitte hier auf das linke Seite-Menü oder am oberen Spitzenmenü.Wenn Sie mögen werden, uns eine Anmerkung zu lassen oder uns irgendwelche Vorschläge zu geben:.Wir danken Ihnen im voraus, es wird uns helfen aufzuwachsen." Das ist mir drei Smileys wert! :-)))

Spruch des Tages

Hätte ich mehr Zeit gehabt, dann hätte ich mich kürzer gefasst. Zitat von Marcus Tullius Cicero oder von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe oder von Gotthold Ephraim Lessing oder von Blaise Pascal - die genaue Herkunft ist unbekannt, aber anscheinend haben´s alle Genannten verwendet. Wie auch immer, ein gutes Zitat!

You know you´re from Vienna when...

Recently I found a group in facebook with the title above. As I´m very curious, I read the article and decided not to hold back this great stuff for non-facebook-users - those of you who are facebook-members can also read the text here. Enjoy!   You know you're from Vienna when - you of course drink your beer in the streets - you pass underground stations which Otto Wagner has built - you understand the guy in the Ubahn when he says "Zug fährt ab" - you don't think it is strange when someone has never been to a district outside the Gürtel - you can tell of people's dialects from which district they are - you don't think it's strange when all the students knocking the old wooden tables at the end of each class at university - you don't think it is strange drinking beer at flex with a business man next to a sandler - you know the guy at schottentor who wants money to call his wife in the hospital since years! - you know how to get home from the Arena in the middle of the night when you missed the last subway... - you would NEVER move to another district - you can't believe you can't go to the opera for 2 euros each night anywhere else - you know it is normal to smell horse in the middle of the city - you know you can go to the subway without a ticket easily - and you know how the Schwarzkappler look like when they get into the train - you act like putting money into the newspaper bags at weekend, but really stealing it. - you know what "A Eitrige mit an Buckl und an Blech" means and where to get the best ones in the middle of the night. - you are surprised if a waiter is friendly and fast - at summertime you don't get stopped from dressed-up-like-Mozart people who want to sell you tickets to overprized bad tourist concerts because they know you would never attend a concert in summer - you think it is normal that no one is working from friday noon until monday morning. - you know the Würstlstandbesitzer by name - you think Kaiserin Sissi was a bitch. - you've never been to a Sängerknaben-Konzert or Lippizaner-Show and will never do so. - you know the difference between a Fiaker, an Einspänner, a Melange, a Großer Brauner and which one you like most. - you boycott starbucks. How true (says a Viennese)!