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2013-10-03 | Toni Pohl

Update: IT/DevConnections conference is over.
For us, @magrom and @atwork, it was a great conference, we enjoyed it very much to be part of it!

To get an impression of the trending topics in Social Media see this Twitter Analytics for #devconnections! We updated this analytics today to get a final resultset.

By now (Friday, 2:30pm) there were 1.022 tweets and 744 retweets, in total almost 2.000 tweets.

image image

The Top Hashtags (besides #devconnections) were: #sharepoint, #powershell (@mminasi did well Zwinkerndes Smiley), #sqlserver, #msexchange, #xamarin, #office365 (glad it´s in the top list), #office and #sqlconnections.


The top 5 tweeters were (wow, we @magrom and @atwork are in there) Zwinkerndes Smiley


…and the top mentions:


Tweets by platform:


The top retweeters:


Also interesting is the daytime of the tweets:


Who has the most followers?


See the Tweets-map:


And the Top Tweeters by day:


So, we had two workshop days and three full days of conference packed with interesting sessions.
We hope you enjoyed it as we did.

These statistics were updated on 4th Oct., 2:30pm.

We had a really good time here at IT/DevConnections in Vegas! Hope to CU al again soon!

FYI: Interested in Office365 and Windows Azure? See our session information:
Our session How to Remote Control Office 365 with Azure at DevCon 
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