Introducing user schema extensions in Delegate365

2021-02-25 | Toni Pohl

The current version of Delegate365 adds a new feature: Schema extensions for users. Schema extensions allow to add custom data to Azure AD objects. In Delegate365, administrators can use the Delegate365 schema extension feature to add custom properties to a user. Find out, how you can use the user schema extension in Delegate365 here.

Possible areas of application are e.g. predefined job titles, cost center, employee type, other emails or managers, or other user specific data where there is no property in Azure AD existing. The Delegate365 user schema extension can be declared and used in Delegate365 and in the Azure AD. There can be multiple properties defined, as a text field, or with predefined values as a selection field.

So, Delegate365 supports a free customizable user defined schema extension. The custom user data can be used outside of Delegate365 as well.

The Delegate365 schema extension for users allows enables the management and storage of additional data for user objects. The selector is useful to only allow predefined values for some custom properties. This helps in standardizing certain values within an organization. See the following article how to access that data from outside of Delegate365.

The new feature will be available in Delegate365 v9.2 in March. Happy managing your M365 tenant with Delegate365!

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