Office365 Conference 2016 Feedback

2016-01-19 | Toni Pohl

We are glad that Office Conference 2016 got such great feedback during the event and afterwards. We consolidated the feedback from all participants and from the mobile app. See the results here!

Office Conference 2016 provided one keynote and 33 sessions with topics around the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem. On two event days there were in total about 150 attendees and 35 speakers from nine countries. See our Wrap up.

Conference Overview

The following graphics delivers some key numbers at a glance.


As far as we saw in the ratings and in the feedback. almost all attendees were highly satisfied with the conference. Of course, we also got a lot of ideas and improvements, many thanks for that as well. We will try to fullfill wishes and optimizations at our next events!

Conference Ratings

Rating could be done in the mobile app. Yes, next time this will be in English!
So the questions per session were:

Each question could be rated with stars from 1 to 9 where 9 is the best rating.


To be honest, we skipped the ratings for the session room in the speaker’s ratings because we think this is relevant for the organizers, but not for the speakers, who cannot do anything about the location and the room settings.

We are very happy that the total over all sessions delivered shows great ratings!


There have been 747 feedbacks for 34 sessions. The average rating of all sessions are:

Session Total is the average of Speaker, Content and Session. Again, with the scale from 1 to 9 we think 7.54 is a very good mark – and we are happy about the friendly feedback and that you liked it!

More Feedback

As posted in Wrap up. we got a lot of verbal feedback and in Social Media as well.
Here’s some more unfiltered feedback from the conference ratings (as they were posted):

Some unfiltered session feedback:

Top Speakers

The top speakers of Office 365 Conference 2016 were…


Congrats to ALL speakers and especially to our Top 5 speakers!

  1. Adis Jugo, 8.71 (Developers, Developers, Developers Zwinkerndes Smiley)
  2. Raphael Köllner, 8.69
  3. Martina Grom, 8.32
  4. Maarten Eekels, 8.30
  5. Nicki Borell, 8.30

The following top ranks are shared between Siegfried Jagott, Markus Widl, Tony Redmond, Michael Greth, Hans Brender, Tim Hüttemeister, Frank Carius, Fabian Moritz, Thomas Vochten, Jørgen Brække, Frank Geisler, Torben Blankertz, Gokan Ozcifci and Patrick Guimonet and René M. Rimbach.

By the way, 3 of the top 5 ranks were sessions in English.

Again, many thanks to all speakers, sponsors and contributors for supporting this community event

… and are happy about the feedback and that you enjoyed the event!

You all rock!



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