A year in review. 2023 is a wrap!

2023-12-31 | Martina Grom

2023 was the year when we finally overcame the pandemic that affected many aspects of our lives. We resumed our normal activities while also applying the lessons we learned from a challenging situation, where we had to limit our travel, social interactions, and work remotely.
From a business perspective, the year was very rewarding for us. Our company, atwork, received the Innovation award 2023 from Microsoft Austria for our AI4Good project, which uses AI to assist with sign language communication in various scenarios.

We continued to support our customers in Cloud Projects - from building Azure governance, implementing Modern Workplace scenarios, build security and compliance to facilitating Adoption and Change Management for users. AI and all things Copilot became a key factor for many projects, and we enjoyed collaborating and learning with our customers, our team, and our partners on how to implement AI in our daily work. A milestone for us is that our SaaS offerings like Delegate 365 are now available through the Azure Marketplace.
AI will be the next game changer for all of us. Working with start-ups, mentoring and sponsoring people in the community and in our projects is the one thing I don’t wanna miss in my business life.

On a personal note, I was honored with the Power Women in Tech Award from Microsoft Europe. I hope that by showing how interesting and rewarding technology can be, I can inspire more women to join the industry.
I am still very grateful and proud that Toni and I are MVPs. The connection to the product groups and the belief that we can have an impact on future services are fundamental for us and drive our passion. The communitiy behind the program created friendships that I don’t want to miss in my life. The Regional Director role gives me the opportunity to learn the strategy of a large enterprise that has reinvented itself over and over again and provide feedback on an executive level.
On a personal level, 2023 was also a year of loss for me. I lost 6 people who were close to me. Life is short and I learned from that that every single day matters and postponing things is sometimes not an option.
As the last day of this year moves on I want to say thank you, thanks to our Team at atwork and thank you to everyone in the community. You all rock!
With that in mind, I wish everyone a fantastic 2024!

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