Delegate365 changelog version 4.5-automatic license assignment

2015-09-24 | Toni Pohl

The second innovation of Delegate version 4.5 is the automatic license assignment. This brand new feature is described in this article.

So what is this automatic license assignment in Delegate365?

In the past we got customer feedback that (mostly in hybrid scenarios) new users do not get an Office365 license automatically - when they are synchronized to the cloud (or when they are assigned to an OU in Delegate365 automatically). So new users need to be assigned a specific Office 365 license in an extra step via PowerShell or other tools.

We have invested a lot of thinking how an auto license assignment should work and implemented this feature in Delegate365. Even if this sounds like an easy task, there can occur a lot of issues when doing so. Now in version 4.5, we think Delegate365 now offers a consistent and easy way to use the auto license assignment feature.

So, let’s start to describe the auto license assignment feature.

With automatic license assignment Delegate365 can automate the process of new users coming to the cloud and with changing individual licenses or even in bulk mode, depending on the OU membership. With this easy-to-use automation no extra steps are required and the whole process of assigning a license depending on user properties can be fulfilled.

Delegate365 version 4.5 has been rolled out today. We hope you like it. Smiley

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