Women’s History Month–2022 Edition Recap, looking forward to 2023

2023-02-26 | Martina Grom

March 8th is celebrated worldwide as Women’s day. There is more of that: March is Women’s History Month. Working as a women in technology is not as exotical as it was 25 years ago, still, there is room for improvement to engage women to look into jobs in technology and also to engage them to bond with other women in technology and join allies with like minded people in the industry.

In 2022 I started with the idea to celebrate women’s history month with highlighting a women in Tech every day and write why she is a role model for me and what she does. But why only 2022? Why not 2023 as well? There are still so many women around us which I want to celebrate in the 31 days of march. What are your women or March? #WomensHistoryMonth


Overall, Women's History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history and to recognize the ongoing struggle for gender equality.

Women in Technology, recap of 2022 edition

As a recap, the 2022 list is summarized here. I admire each of them a lot and they are role models for me. The list is per day, for each day in March. This year I will post every day in Twitter, again. stay tuned till 1st of March. Some of the listed women here left Twitter in the last year. Still, I kept the original post as a recap.


This year I will start posting the next round of 31 amazing women who are in technology and are experts in their profession. Let us show there are many Women in Tech!

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