Delegate365 changelog version 7.4-additional reports with risk events and Microsoft Teams, OneDrive shared with and groups as members

2018-02-15 | Toni Pohl

With Delegate365 version 7.3 a new reporting engine was introduced. With this update, additional reports are available in Delegate365 version 7.4. The new reports deliver a new report category with risk events, as for example impossible travel risk events or suspicious IP risk events, new Microsoft Teams statistics reports and more. Also, OneDrive usage per user and Shared-With information is now available as a report. Mail Enabled Security Groups can now be assigned with permissions in Resources (rooms and equipment mailboxes) and Shared Mailboxes. See the details and descriptions of all reports here.

Delegate365 version 7.4 provides additional reports and new features. The update time will be planned accordingly with our customers. New Delegate365 tenants will get this version automatically starting by end of February.

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