Honored for receiving my 5th MVP Award

2017-07-01 | Toni Pohl

Well, it’s 1st of July and guess what? I got reawarded as a Microsoft MVP for the 5th time. And, I was accepted by two Product Groups for my contributions of the last year: I got the MVP award for Microsoft Azure and for Office Development. Wow!


See my MVP-Profile here. For me, being awarded as a Microsoft MVP is a great honor. This award is a marvelous acknowledgment for all my activities as conferences, meetups, blog articles and all my other contributions to the various national and international IT-communities. I started as a MVP for “Client Development” in 2013 which then was re-organized in “Windows Development”. It was a very exiting time to be part of that group among great personalities! Today, I’m doing mostly projects around Microsoft Azure and Office Development, so I’m really proud and happy that my community contributions ended up in these two new competencies.


To find out more about the Microsoft MVP program and other MVP’s, visit the mvp.microsoft.com site.

Congrats to all new and renewed MVP colleagues!! You guys rock! #mvpbuzz

A very happy Toni

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