PowerShell, welcome to Linux!

2016-08-19 | Toni Pohl

As Jeffrey Snover ,Technical Fellow at Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Group, announced recently, PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux!

It’s interesting to see that PowerShell - as a command-line shell and scripting language which is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework – now is available on Linux. This is possible because of the new .NET Core system running on Linux. In our modern times, when “Microsoft loves Linux”, such things are possible – and seem logical!

IT-Admins soon can start using PowerShell to script and automate Windows AND Linux systems. To be more specific this includes Ubuntu, Centos, Red Hat and Mac OS X. And Microsoft will support even more systems in future. Wow! Just the PowerShell ISE is not supported on these platforms, just on Windows.

So, PowerShell has a bright future. If you want to learn (more) PowerShell, check out Learning PowerShell on GitHub.

Microsoft recommends to use Visual Studio Code as editor on all these platforms and install (or update) the PowerShell extension, see here.


So, check out the news on PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux!

Happy scripting and automating on Linux platforms as well!

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