Microsoft cloud compliance documentation

2022-12-18 | Martina Grom

Want to learn more about compliance at Microsoft and Microsoft cloud services? Find many documents here and see Azure's global and regional compliance in this infographic.

Through IT-compliance, organizations ensure they are operating within a specific set of privacy and security requirements, guidelines and best practices. Of course, this also applies to Microsoft and Microsoft's cloud services. See Microsoft compliance for Microsoft documentation and resources you need to get started with compliance for your business or organization.


Visit the Azure Global Compliance Map site to see an overview about global compliance such as CSA and ISO standards adhered to in Azure. You can download the compliance atlas of over 90 Azure compliance offerings worldwide.


To view the standards in detail about accredited third-party certification, open Microsoft compliance offerings.


You can find more information in the Microsoft trust center, among others: Managing compliance in the cloud. Another overview is available in the whitepaper.

Microsoft provides a lot of information about compliance in the cloud. To dive deeper into the topic, check out these resources.

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