I Am MEC–Session about Remote Control Office 365 with Microsoft Azure

2014-04-01 | Toni Pohl

This week, from March 31th to April 2nd, the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 takes place in Austin, Texas. Austin is a great city and it´s fun to be here an to be part of the conference!


We from atwork are here with two sessions:

You can find our slides of the Remote Control session on slideshare here:

I Am MEC 14 - How to (remote) control office 365 with Azure

Download the sample code here: O365 Sample Code VS2013 project

Update: The links to Office 365 API in the slides are correct, anyway, here´s the link to Office 365 API Tools – Preview  (Office365ApiTools.vsix) and to the samples here: Office 365 APIs: Get contacts, documents, mails, and calendar in Windows 8 app.

We hope you enjoyed our sessions!

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