Convert Hyper-V VHDX to VHD for use in Azure

2015-10-25 | Toni Pohl

Well, I admit, I stumbled across that: I created a virtual machine in my local network and wanted to use it in Microsoft Azure. Well, of course – although I’ve read it a thousand times – the source machine was a VHDX file…

So the VHDX file needs to be converted to VHD format. Happily, I found the solution quickly :

Converting Hyper-V .vhdx to .vhd file formats for use in Windows Azure

Open PowerShell on a Hyper-V Host and run the Convert-VHD command which is available since Windows Server 2012 – see here.

Convert-VHD –Path C:\VM\MyVM.vhdx –DestinationPath c:\VM\MyNewVM.vhd


That’s it! Thx Courtenay Bernier for the tip!

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