Siri and the best smartphone ever story

2012-05-13 | Martina Grom

There was a lot of amusement in the community about Siri and the answer to “What is the best smartphone ever”?
The answer is simple and amusing: Nokia’s Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever, according to Siri.

I tried to reproduce the behavior with my Apple iPhone 4S and played around with some questions and Siri answered to them. The answer to exactly that question depends on one fact: the word “ever”. wrote that Siri is now answering again with the correct answer. However, in my tests the answer with “Nokia Lumia 900” stays the same.

So here are my results:

Question: “What’s the best cell phone ever?”


Question: “What’s the best mobile phone?”


Question: “What’s the best cell phone?”


So maybe it’s a matter of grammar to get Siri answers.

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