Delegate365 version 1

2013-07-01 | Toni Pohl

This is part 1 of our changelog for our product Delegate 365.

The purpose is to provide a web-portal for delegating administrative tasks for Microsoft Office 365 customers to ease managing tasks within a company or organization.

The situation in larger companies as well as in educational services (with maybe thousands of email-accounts) is that a global administrator or the central IT-departement has a lot of work in performing basic tasks like creating and updating email-accounts and assigning rights for users. In the Office 365 portal there exist roles, but all administrative roles always have access to all users – not only groups of users.

With Delegate365 a global administrator defines some local administrators within his company or organization who shall be able to manage only their qualified domains and their own organizational units (OU´s). So a local admin only sees his users and can only create and manage users within his OU. There´s no need for a hand over of managing Office 365 user tasks to a global IT, standard tasks can be fulfilled immediately.

Delegate365 uses Windows Active Directory (WAAD) and is storing some metadata in a SQL Azure database. Delegate365 is available in Windows Azure websites (with SQL Azure behind).

The target groups for this app are larger companies, educational facilities and all kind of associations who (want to) use Office 365 services like Exchange, Lync or even SharePoint or Microsoft CRM.

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