Azure Logic Apps Toolbox 3-Get data from SharePoint as HTML table

2020-12-17 | Toni Pohl

Sometimes it´s good to get data from a data source as a table and as quickly as possible in an automated way. While this can be done with multiple ways, here´s a quick solution if you want to get the items from a custom list in SharePoint Online sent as a HTML table in an email with Azure Logic Apps (or Power Automate).

In this sample, we assume we have a custom list in a SharePoint Online site that includes some hundred lines of data with license requests and billing information. We want to get specific items that will expire in near future where there´s no invoice set. We will do this with a filtered query. The result shall be formatted as HTML table and sent to an email address. Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate (Flow) is perfect for such a quick task.

The following graphics shows a complete flow in the designer view in the Azure portal. It´s just a trigger and 4 simple steps.


So, here´s what´s happening in the flow.

A quick solution to send filtered data. Hope this helps for simple scenarios.

You can find more samples in articles from Chaks at Building HTML tables in your flows for sending digest emails, from Marc at Building Nice HTML Output for Tables in Microsoft Flow Emails, on YouTube like at Power Automate Flow How to: Create HTML Tables and, of course with your search engine.

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