Delete Azure Active Directories

2014-05-15 | Toni Pohl

Have you seen it? Now it´s possible to delete Azure Active Directories from the Azure Portal! Just discovered this (long expected) feature shortly.


Just an important information about deleting…

When selecting an AD (mark the corresponding line right of the name…) and clicking the “Delete”-button… you maybe get a message like:

The following issue(s) prevent deletion of this directory:


To see the requirements for deleting an Azure AD see Delete AD - Conditions that must be met to delete a directory : … The only user in the directory is the global administrator who will delete the directory.

Make sure that all objects in Azure AD (except your own user) are deleted!
So check (and delete) all users, groups and applications in that AD!

Delete all users (except yourself) – so simply delete all users where the “Delete” button is visible.


…also all groups and all apps!


The try to delete th AD: Now it should work!


Done. Finally I can tidy up my Azure portal… Zwinkerndes Smiley

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