Delegate365 new setup

2022-10-03 | Toni Pohl

Delegate365 v9.3 and later comes with a new setup. The new setup is required to use MFA enabled admins and to generate the Delegate365 app and certificate for authentication in the Microsoft 365 tenant. Follow the steps here to setup your Delegate365 tenant.

Test Delegate365

These are the steps to open a new trial of Delegate365.

Once provisioned, start the setup

As soon as your Delegate365 tenant has been provisioned, you will receive an email. Now follow these steps.

In your Delegate365 portal at <>, you can now start to create OU´s, create Admins, and to assign objects to OU´s, etc.


The new setup simplifies the initial setup process and allows Delegate365 to use Modern Authentication only.

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