How to implement your GDPR compliance

2018-04-04 | Toni Pohl

So, you’re in the process of planning your GDPR compliance? We’ve got your back with this short summary and our offers to support!

There is a lot of information around GDPR (the general data protection rules of the EU). We at atwork offer support in the GDPR processes. Sure, GDPR compliance must be checked individually, per company. But, let’s summarize the substantial facts regarding an organization’s IT here. The necessary steps very briefly are:

  1. Actions: Analyze and secure your IT environment, e.g. by using Microsoft Office 365 and using standardized, certified services.
  2. Documentation: Attend GDPR seminars and document your environment and all personal data your work with.
  3. Processes: Design workflows and how the "right to be forgotten" is implemented in your organization and automate tasks.

We can help to secure your organization’s IT environment, see our Enterprise Security & Compliance Workshop!


This workshop will focus on the reform of the European Union data protection rules. It is designed for business development leads, solution architects, governance and security officers and legal departments, HR departments, and members of work councils. The goal is to implement GDPR compliance in your company as we did in the past with many customers. CU there!

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