Delegate365 changelog version 6.4-automate additional licenses assignments

2017-05-08 | Toni Pohl

In Delegate365 version 6.2 update we added an important feature to save Delegate365 licenses. With this Delegate365 version, there comes a new, powerful feature for more Office 365 automation.

The new version number is 6.4. No worries, you have not missed version 6.3, since this was an internal version for adding the new user license assignment feature, testing and fixes. Delegate365 version 6.4 will be rolled out in the next two weeks. So, what does this update do?

Delegate365 version 6.4 allows to automate custom license requirements. This is a powerful addition for auto license assignments within Delegate365. Now Office 365 licenses can be set by simply adding a user property to any custom value and by defining one or more conditions in the Sync options.

The deployment of the update will start by May 8th and during the following two weeks. Enjoy automating with the new new user license assignment feature!

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