Delegate365 changelog version 8.4 update-Speeding up License assignments

2019-09-13 | Toni Pohl

Delegate365 version 8.4 came up with a lot of improvements and updates. This version recently got another update to speed up the license assignment synchronization operation. See the details here.

Delegate365 allows to add sync rules to the sync operation to automate specific operations. In large tenants, the sync can run for a long time since all objects must be queried for changes. To accelerate the sync operation when using license assignment sync rules, we optimized this process as follows:

All Delegate365 tenants will be updated with the speed-up feature in the next weeks within Delegate365 version 8.4. To see a list of all updates of Delegate365 version 8.4, pls see Delegate365 changelog version 8.4-Teamify with policy support, Room Lists, Mailbox licenses management, Report download and more.

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