How to save costs in Azure PaaS

2016-09-19 | Toni Pohl

Recently, I wanted to do a cleanup in my various Azure subscriptions. A lot of websites and databases were created during the last months and years, so the idea was to cleanup and to combine websites into one (or just a few) App Service Plan(s) and to do the same with multiple SQL Databases into one Elastic Database Pool. The goal was to reduce costs from multiple App Plans and single databases into few ones. Here’s how this works.

Azure Facts

In my scenario I had a lot of websites with a SQL database running in Azure. Well, in some webs there were more components used, for example Application Insights, Cloud Services and more. But I concentrated on the website and database because they produced the largest costs in the cloud services.

To make it very short, here are some Azure facts that help to save money:

Ok, now have a look into the optimization…

How to optimize

The goal is to host as many resources in one App Service Plan or in one Elastic Database Pool as possible. Of course, this is dependent on size and performance. See how to reduce costs as shown in these samples here.

Do it!

So, basically, that’s it! Reorganize your resources to use these optimizations and you will reduce your Azure PaaS costs (dramatically).

I will post another article describing the stumbling blocks for this reorganization…

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