Delegate365 changelog version 6.1-at a glance

2017-02-22 | Toni Pohl

At the end of last year, Delegate365 version 6 was announced. We added a bunch of features and before updating all tenants, we wanted to improve some functionality. So it took some time to develop and test new features. Now it’s time to update all existing Delegate365 tenants to the latest version 6.1. See the most relevant news at a glance here!

Important: Some customers are already using Delegate365 version 6. All D365 tenants will be upgraded to version 6.1 in the next days. All customers will also receive an email notification about the exact upgrade time. If you have any reservation against the D365 tenant upgrade time please contact us at

This article includes all changes of Delegate365 changelog version 6-overview and all new features of version 6.1 (so there is no need to check out older articles). Some new features will be described more detailed in extra articles in the next days.

So, there are a lot of improvements in Delegate365 version 6.1. New features will be described in own articles.

Existing D365 customers will be upgraded until end of February automatically. New Trials will also get this latest version from now on.

We are continuing to improve D365. So, stay tuned for the next versions of Delegate365!

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