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Delegate365 changelog 8.5

Delegate365 version 8.5 is an update to the extensive Delegate365 version 8.4. This update includes a new sync operation "Sync with security group" and some sync fixes. See a description here.

  • New "Sync with security group" mechanism: In Administration / Sync rules, this option allows to synchronize all members of a Security Group with assigned members of an OU. After a sync, only the members of a security group are assigned to an OU. Removed members will be removed from an OU, new members are added. See a full description of this sync feature at Sync with Security Group.
  • Reports overview: The reports list has been extended. A list of all reports with samples is available at the Delegate365 GitHub reports repository.
  • Small sync fixes: During the sync a lot of situations can happen due to Office 365 restrictions such as available licenses or updated objects, temporary issues or because of parallel executions in Delegate365 to speed things up. We went through the latest errors in various sync logs to intercept possible errors that could happen if object properties were missing or not updated in time. So, this update fixes such operations that caused smaller errors in the past. If errors still occur, the sync usually continues its work with the next object and often the sync repairs data in Delegate365 with the next run.

Delegate365 version 8.5 is currently in test phase and will be available starting mid of November. Productive tenants will be updated end of November to beginning of December.