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Delegate365 changelog 9.2-SPO site auto-assign

Delegate365 v9.2 brings a new feature for auto-assigning existing SharePoint site to an OU. This follows the same principle as auto-assigning groups. See it here.

Note: To use the SharePoint Online management feature, ensure you have configured the SPO access for Delegate365 as described at Delegate365 changelog 9.1-SharePoint Online.

The following scenario describes how to use the new SPO site auto assign.

A scenario

In this demo tenant, there are some SharePoint Online sites with a prefix in their site name: There are two sites starting with "New York", one site with "Paris" and three sites starting with "Seattle". All site names are separated with an underscore between OU name and the following site name, as here in screenshot of the SharePoint admin center (open it with your tenant-name and a Admin at https://<yourtenant>


In Delegate365 v9.2, there´s a new section SharePoint in the Administration / Sync rules. Here, Admins can define that SPO sites with an OU as prefix are automatically assigned to that OU, as here.


Define the desired separator option and click Save at the page bottom.

As with the other (group) rules, the name must match, and upper / lower case is ignored. So, "new york" = "New York" = "NEW YORK".

The SPO sync

The SPO site sync is currently not part of the Delegate365 sync and runs every 3 hours. If you have just created new sites outside of Delegate365, it can take up to three hours until the new SPO sites show up in Delegate365. As of today, you cannot start the SPO sync job manually, pls. simply wait and check from time to time. Once the SPO sites are showing up, the sites can be assigned manually or automatically.

What we expect

We want to have the new SPO sites automatically assigned to our OU´s. In our sample, we have only two OU´s defined, New York and Seattle.


Check the result after the SPO sync

After the SPO sync is completed, let´s see the result. The SPO sites with the prefix New York and Seattle should have been automatically assigned to the corresponding OU´s.


This worked well and as expected. A change of the site name would - with the settings above - cause that a site will be assigned to another OU. If the site name would be changed and there´s no corresponding OU, the site OU assignment would stay untouched and the site remains in the existing OU.

Since there is no OU with the name Paris, this SPO site has not been automatically assigned. This site Paris_site3 show up in the OU´s / Assign module in the SharePoint section and can be manually assigned to an OU (as before).



If you have a large and growing number of new Teams and SPO sites, this feature reduces the effort to manually assign sites to an OU in Delegate365. If the OU name is used as prefix in the SPO site name, let the SPO site auto assignment to the work. The assignment definition works in the same way as with groups.

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