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Delegate365 changelog 9.2-More improvements

Delegate365 v9.2 will be extended with some new features this March. See the latest features here.

  • See the latest features of Delegate365 v9.2 such as extended reports retention dates, new message tracing options, a new license order process, some fixes and more at Delegate365 changelog 9.2-improvements
  • Schema Extensions: Another new feature is described at Introducing user schema extensions in Delegate365. This allows to add custom user data to Azure AD. The custom data can be used with PowerShell for own business processes. See more at how to use Azure AD schema extensions in Graph PowerShell.
  • Invite guests: When inviting guest users to the M365 tenant, the admin has to fill out a form with the Display name and the email address of the external user. The panel was extended with First Name and Last Name.
    The invited user will show up in Delegate365 in the Users list automatically and can be administrated in the same way as internal users. The new fields are stored in the user object, as shown in the Azure Portal.
    By default, the guest user gets an invitation to join the M365 tenant. See a detailed description at Delegate365-Working with guest users

The update will be rolled out in March for all Delegate365 tenants. Also, we are working on the next version Delegate365 v9.3 that will come in spring with some more improvements. Stay tuned!