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Delegate365 changelog version 2.5

Delegate365 changelog version 2.5. There´s a new feature concerning distribution lists built in.

  • We got the request that it would be useful to integrate existing distribution lists into other distribution lists (DL) in D365, so that all members of a DL automatically receive emails if their DL is member of one or more other DL(´s).
    So now in D365 v2.5 it is possible to put existing DL´s as member into another DL. This feature is handy and reduces potential synchronization steps and eases the organizational tasks for the admins.
  • The steps to put one DL in another DL are as followed:
    First create the DL´s like here: Berlin, Vienna and All.
  • Now click "Manage Membership" - in our sample in the line of DL "All" and click the plus symbol for adding members in that group.
  • Other DL´s (in your assigned OU´s) are now visible in the member-picker - as well as the users.
    Mark the users and DL´s (marked red - that´s new) you want to add and click OK.
  • We recommend to test the distribution by sending a test email to the superordinate DL (in our sample to "all@....") to see if all recipients in the subordinate DL (here: members of DL "berlin@...") also receive the test email.

That´s it. Hope you like the new DL-feature!

D365 v2.5 will be rolled out for existing customers in the next days.


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