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Delegate365 changelog version 2.6

Delegate365 changelog version 2.6. We internally changed the encryption of stored credentials and extended it to protect all custom values.

  • D365 uses an own Service Account for accessing and transferring user data to Azure Active Directory. For Exchange functionality like Alias email addresses or distribution lists as well as reporting data D365 needs additional credentials. These essential data must be stored in a secure way.
    To ensure safety in D365 we changed the encryption and extended it to all properties stored in the D365 database with version 2.6. Now all custom config values (even fields like company name, address, phone number, etc.) are encrypted with an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.
  • No worries: Existing D365 versions are still safe. We just wanted to extend the data protection to all fields and decided by this occasion to use a stronger algorithm and new keys.

All existing versions of D365 will be updated to D365 v2.6 in the next days.