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Delegate365 changelog version 3.0-Notification Center

Delegate365 version 3.0 includes a new feature called "notification center". The notification center is reachable in the upper right corner of the blue title bar. There´s an envelope icon and the number of unread messages next to the logged in user as marked red in the following screenshot.


Reach the notification center anytime

Since version 2.9 the header and footer bars are always visible, so the notification center is visible any time. If there are no messages present, the envelope icon is also visible but shows the number 0. You can see all (read) messages with the menu "Read All Messages" in the pull down menu.


What type messages are shown in here?

The purpose of the notification center is to show relevant messages concerning D365 to the portal admin and the admins. This includes three kind of messages:

  1. System messages (errors): If an error occurs in D365 the corresponding message is logged into the notification center.
  2. Support cases and answers: With version 3.0 there´s a new menu named "support" in the left menu (see below for details). So each support case is saved to the notification center as well as replies to the question.
  3. Product Messages: The D365 system center can also send messages to a specific client or to all clients. This will include notifications f.e. if the user limit is reached or when the D365 subscription expires as well as D365 update infos or other important news.

How does a message look like?

The message icons informs if the message is a warning or an error ("triangle") or an informational message ("i") followed by the sender name and date and time. Below this line follows the text itself.


The message can be text only or lead to a hyperlink. If you click the message the message is marked as "read". If the message leads to a website a new browser window opens (if your browser does not block this which can be set usually in the browser´s message bar which opens in such cases).

Who sees which messages?

Each logged in user sees only "his own" messages.

  • An admin sees the messages of type 1. system messages and 2. support cases and answers if he produced an error or opened a support case.
  • The portal admins see all messages - also messages from other admins (f.e. system messages) plus 3. product messages. The idea is that portal admins can see what happens in their D365 system and if possible errors or support cases happened by other admins.

When do messages appear?

The notification centers checks for new messages at application start and constantly in an interval which is about 30 seconds. If new messages are available the indicator shows the number of new (unread) messages.

How can I remove messages?

To mark a message as read simply click on it.


The message disappears from the notification center immediately. It does not matter which admin clicks a message, once it´s clicked away the message is removed from the notification center.

Where can I see all read messages?

When clicking the "Read All Messages" Link in the notification center the list opens (or add "/notification" to the website URL).

Here you can see all already read entries or delete messages to be removed from the notification list - the same behavior like in all other D365 lists. Also the list can be searched and has a page navigation.


Well, that´s it. We think the notification center is easy to use and handy!

Pls. read here how to open a support case in D365 and how to use the notification center for support cases.

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