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Delegate365 changelog version 3.0-Support Cases

With the new Delegate365 version 3.0 "notification center" feature there comes a new built-in support feature. In case of questions or issues in working with D365 it´s very easy to contact atwork for help.

How to open a support case

At the end of the left menu there´s a "support" link which opens the form.
The support link is available for all admins, so for portal admins and standard admins.

Please fill out the form, describe your problem and click "Send".


The "Sender´s E-Mail" field is already filled out with the logged in admin´s email address (which in this sample is admin@D365demo57....).

If you wish to be contacted with a different email address you can overwrite the "Sender´s E-Mail" field with your desired email address (like here with martina.grom@...).

Please describe your problem as good as possible. All fields are mandatory. Click "Send" when done.

What happens after Send?

After clicking "Send" the form is emptied and a green notification box opens for some seconds in the right bottom "Request sent".

After some seconds the notification center receives a new message with your support case.


The support case is stored in the D365 notification center and is visible for this admin (and the portal admins).

The admin (the sender email) receives an email with an information that a new support case was created. This is an additional confirmation which looks similar like here:


The support request creates a new task for the support team of atwork.

How do I receive an answer?

Our support team tries to answer as fast as possible. The sender gets an email with an answer which looks similar like the request.


Additionally the answer will be shown in the D365 notification center.


Support cases are treated as messages

So support cases and answers are always visible in the notification center (and after they are read in the notification list).

Well, that´s it. We think with the new notification center and the simple form it´s very easy to get help in D365 from our support team.

For more information about the new notification center pls. have a look here.

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