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Delegate365 changelog version 3.2-security groups

With D365 version 3.2 there comes full support of security groups with two new modules: security groups for managing these groups and memberships and the new administration / assign security groups module for assigning existing security groups to a particular OU.


The security groups list works in the same way as all other lists in D365: new security groups can be created, deleted, members can be added and deleted and the OU assignment of a group can be changed. The search helps for getting access to the desired groups quickly.

Portal admins can assign existing security groups to a specific OU in the administration / assign security groups menu.


Likewise this module works in the same way as the other assign-methods.

The portal administrator defines the permission for the admins if they shall be able to manage security groups (or not). This is done in the same way as setting other security settings by the checkmarks of an admin in the administration / manage administrators.


So with version 3.2 also security groups can be fully managed within the Delegate365 portal.

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