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Delegate365 changelog version 4.5.2-list updates

With Delegate365 version 4.5.2 there come some improvements. See the details here.

  • Sorting in all Lists: We changed the sorting in all lists of D365.
    Before that, sorting only sorted all visible items on the current page in the list.
    If a user now clicks on a sortable column header, D365 now sorts all items in the list - regardless on which page the entry is.
    The following screenshot shows the behavior: In this user list there are two pages. If the Admin clicks on the column "Display Name", all items are sorted. If the sort order is descending like here, we see the last item "Zack Kelly", even if this user actually was on page two.
    So, now D365 sorts all items (server side) in any list and no longer just the items on the current page (client side). This behavior now delivers the results a user would expect of the sorting.
    All lists have been updated in D365 and now use this new sorting method.
    Besides: Also Search is searching all entries in lists!
  • List Export: Some lists offer an export function, like f.e. the "assign licenses" list. All export functions have been updated so that they now also create the output in the sorted order (see above).
  • Page Size: In lists D365 allows users to define how many rows shall be used per page for the output.
    The idea was, that if the user changes the page size limit, this limit is used in all lists - even if other modules have been used in the meantime. But, the page size was not permanent.
    We now changed that, so that the current page size is stored and used in all lists - until changed again.
    If the Admin f.e. changes the page size to 25 items, then all lists will show 25 items, regardless what modules have been used in the meantime.
  • New theme: Orange. We have a new design theme for D365: Orange!
    Enjoy! Zwinkerndes Smiley

All versions of Delegate365 will be updated to version 4.5.2 in the next days.