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Delegate365 changelog version 4.0.5-Synced infos and the latest Auto-Sync history

Delegate365 version 4.0.5 is out. The last automatic sync operations are now shown in the sync page and the lists show if objects are cloud or synced items. See the details here.

  • Automatic Sync infos: For admins it's essential to see when the last sync process was executed and if it the operations were successful. So we integrated a short history in the sync page showing the last 5 sync operations. Admins see when the automatic sync started and when it ended and if it finished successfully.image
    As you can see the sync tries to use differential queries if possible to update only the changed objects quickly. As before Admins can run the manual Sync process anytime.
  • Showing synced and cloud objects in lists: The users and groups lists now show a new column "status" where admins can see if the object is a synced or a cloud object at a glance.image
    If an object is synced there are usually not all operations available.
    The same goes for all lists showing users and the various groups in Office 365.
  • Inactive properties: If an object is synced, D365 inactivates the fields which are not writeable, like in the rooms sample here:

Delegate365 version 4.0.5 was already updated for all D365 tenants.