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Delegate365 changelog version 5-more updates

We recently added some more minor features to Delegate365 version 5 we would like to point out.

  • More, new design themes. When opening the company menu Portal Admins can change the appearance of D365.
    Admins now can choose between 12 themes. "atwork" is the default theme which now appears in the new color scheme dark grey and blue (as shown in the screenshot above).
    After selecting, you can see a small preview of the color scheme below. These are the available color sets:
    When saving these settings, the selected theme this will be applied immediately (for all users of D365).
  • Closing Task Panes: In the Task Pane now there is a small close button in the top right corner. This prevents that users need to scroll down to click the Cancel button for closing the panel. The meaning is the same, the x icon closes the panel as Cancel does. Another new - and very helpful feature - is to close the task pane by clicking left of the opened panel. Users can click somewhere in the (grey) overlay area left of the panel as well! This is much quicker than searching for the Close icon or the Cancel button... Smile
  • Forwarding a user mailbox or a shared mailbox to Contacts: Contacts now can be used for forwarding a user's mailbox and a shared mailbox as well. This can be done with the member picker.
    This feature reduces manual errors when using forwarding.

Find all D365 version 5 features (including these updated features listed here) in Delegate365 changelog version 5.

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