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Delegate365 changelog version 5.3.2-Fixes

Summertime (and holiday season) is almost over and we were busy to advance Delegate365. In the last weeks we concentrated on smaller fixes which resulted in Delegate365 version 5.3.2. Major updates will follow in fall time. So here's a list of the current fixes:

  • Auditing: When selecting and downloading multiple log files in the administration / auditing menu, there was an issue if the Excel format was created. Then the name of the sheets in the Excel file were too long (since the created filenames were extended with the instance name in previous versions). Therefore the creation of the download package did not work. We fixed that with version 5.3.1 and later versions.
    Pls. remember that the logfiles can be extensive and the creation of the ZIP or XLSX files can take a while. We recommend not to select too many files in one step but to select only a handful of files to download. We are working on an automation of logfile downloads which will be available in future.
  • Displaying the MFA status: In very large Office 365 tenants with (some ten thousand users) there was an issue with displaying the correct MFA status of some user accounts. This has been fixed. Now the status is displayed correctly for all users correctly.
  • User Edit: The Microsoft GraphAPI in the current version has an issue when updating the mobile phone number of a user. In D365 we fixed this with a workaround so that mobile phone numbers now can be updated and the write back into AAD works.
  • Syncing CustomAttributes: As above, in very large Office 365 tenants, the Sync operation could run into timeouts when reading the Exchange properties (as the CustomAttributes1 to 15 which are often used for auto assignments in D365). This behavior was caused by throttling mechanisms of the cloud APIs or timeouts. We needed to split the API operations to get the user's exchange attributes correctly so that only some hundred user properties are requested per time. With the workaround in the SyncOp this hnow has been fixed (and the user information are correctly present in D365 for further usage after a SyncOp).
  • Minor fixes (removed no longer existing icons, replaced the RegEx client side validation for People Picker and some more small improvements).

We plan to update all existing Delegate365 tenants to the last Delegate365 version 5.3.2 in the following week (around 31th August). There's no change and no impact to existing D365 tenants. The update process will be made outside of business hours and will take only some minutes.