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Delegate365 customers URL change

Delegate365 runs completely in the cloud on the Microsoft Azure platform. So every (prospective) customer got a personal D365 tenant with an URL of https://D365<customername> For customers, the Delegate365 portal URL will be changed to https://<customername> shortly.

There are two reasons for the usage of the new URL. First, the background management of the D365 portal is easier with a custom URL, for example that each customer portal can be scaled and moved without URL change. Secondly, the custom domain is nicer and easier to remember than the default URL. It's more convenient in both ways.

So, how will the Delegate365 portal URL look like from now on?

  1. Trials: Prospective customers still will receive a Delegate365 trial with an URL in the https://D365<demo> form.
    - There is no change and no customer action required.
  2. Customers: Productive D365 portals URLs will be switched to https://<customername>
    - The URL changes and a time frame for the update will be settled (see below).
  3. Customers with a custom domain: For customers who use their own custom domain certificate, the D365 portal URL will remain unchanged, for example The domain can be added additionally. Pls. contact us if desired.
    - There is no customer action required.

D365 customer portals (2) will then be accessible with the new * domain, secured with the D365-certificate.


Important information for existing D365 customers (2):

  • The reorganization goes hand in hand with some other technical updates in the background and will take approximately 2-3 hours. We plan to start these steps this week (starting with 15th of March). There will be no other effects except that the URL address changes.
  • The "old" URL will be replaced by a redirection to the new D365 portal URL for the duration of about a month.
  • The "new" URL is already in place for existing D365 customer portals.
  • For the redirection to the new domain URL after a successful login, the customer has to run the setup
    https://<customername> once and reenter the D365 configuration password and the Office 365 admin credentials. This action regenerates the service account and enables the redirection to the new D365 portal URL.
  • We will contact our existing D365 customers to define a time frame for the update process.
  • We kindly request our customers to communicate the new URL https://<customername> after the setup has been accomplished.

In case of questions pls. contact us at Thanks!

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