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Delegate365 version 1.4

Delegate365 changelog version 1.4

December 2013

  • Some minor fixes have been done in the UI.
  • We extened Delegate365 with a WebAPI called "Delegate365Importer".
    This is an interface running as cloud service in Windows Azure which receives users and licenses in JSON format, runs the requested operations in Delegate365 and returns also a JSON result.
  • If you run an own system like a website where users can buy or request an Office 365 account or license then Delegate365Importer is perfect for doing all the necessary actions againt Windows Azure Active Directory or Office 365 in the back. You get back information for the tasks with the result.
  • Added admin-user web-interface for seeing what happened in the Delegate365Importer interface. ThereĀ“s a list of all imports and the results.