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Delegate365 version 2.3

Delegate365 changelog version 2.3. This version is a major release. We made some changes in the time consuming tasks and optimized them.

  • Performance Improvements in all user lists: If an AAD or Office 365 tenant has many thousand users loading the list of all users was time consuming. The reason is that the Microsoft GraphAPI delivers objects in slices (we take about 200 users per call to ensure there are no timeout errors) but has no filter functions we need for separating our domains and OU´s in D365. The result have been some wait time in some cases if many thousand users are existing.
    So we decided to improve that mechanism and add a cache layer between the AAD and our D365 client. With version 2.3 there´s an extra service added which synchronizes all new, updated and deleted user objects in our own cache. This service runs in the background and takes care of all changes in AAD.
    The D365 client now uses that cache and has a completely new logic with async calls and organizies the requested data page per page. So – depending on the individual page size – the client at runtime requests only the data page which is rendered. The benefit is that all user list operations like searching and paging are happening instantly in less than one second, regardless of the number of users to be shown.
    This performance improvement delivers a great user experience even with ten thousands of users in the user list!
  • The user list improvements also were added in the “Assign OU” module, filtering and paging now works instantly and mass assignments can be done very fast.
  • SMS Notifications for admins and user self service password reset (SPR).
  • Two additional switches for configuration to control if the admins and users are able to use SMS notifications or not because sending SMS means additional costs. By default notifications are sent by email which is free.

Version 2.3 was rolled out for existing productive systems and the last demos.