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Delegate365 version 2.4

Delegate365 changelog version 2.4. We optimized some changes in the SMS notification service.

  • New feature SMS-notification. Each customer can define if he wants to use SMS notifications in D365 or not. With SMS there are additional costs for the SMS provider. To ensure that a customer is aware of that function we can completely switch the SMS sending on or off.
  • Admins: If yes, admins can define if they want to receive a notification via email and/or SMS:
    When editing the admin you can define each channel: email and/or SMS.
    The format of the phone number must be like this sample:
    <+country code><area code><phone number> - without spaces like +1425667788
    As result you see the updated admin-account in the list:
    That´s it.
  • Email (or SMS) notifications are sent to admins to the license admin and the portal admin if there´s a new license order created.
  • Users: If yes, users can define their notification for the self-password-reset (SPR) function.

That´s it. All existing D365 tenants are already updated with this new version.