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Delegate365 version 3.1 outlook

Delegate365 is continuously improving. We were busy and implemented new features and optimized some code in the Delegate365 solution. So, in the next version we will have some improvements, hereĀ“s a first outlook:

  • We have completely rewritten the logging operations and are now using a new event store for protocoling detailed actions of operations. This means with version 3.1 the event sourcing is made step by step and saves all changed fields with old and new values. Starting with v3.1 all operations in D365 are protocolled step by step. Additionally we are developing an additional protocol source which delivers an overview and is good readable for humans.
  • The reporting modules will have filters for timeframe and admin to see all his operations. The export will be in CSV format as well as a graphical representation in the D365 portal. Right now we are still in development process for these outputs on the webpage. Eventually we will ship CSV export in v3.1 and webpage reporting in the next version.
  • There will be a new module "unassign users" in the administrator menu. In here portal admins can unassign users with OU in D365. Only portal admins can perform this task, otherwise admins could "loose" users from their management when doing that. Why? Well, because users can be put back into the pool (if they shall be unmanaged in D365) and this function can be used for licensing. For D365 licensing only users count who are assigned to an OU. The function is needed to undo OU-assignments of specific users. The functionality will be the same as in the "assign users" modul - but without OU dropdown. Portal admins can so easily assign and unassign multiple users.
  • The admin properties (in administration / admins) have been extended: There will be a new property for usage location and language. If that is set, the "create user" form makes a lookup for the signed in admin and preselects the usage location of that admin. Admins no longer need to scroll in the (long) list of countries to assign their own country for that user - the country is preselected.
  • Minor bugfixes (preselection of dropdowns, client validation, improving sync operations, etc.).
  • Internally D365 was completely rebuilt with more client side and asynchronous operations to have a good and continuous user experience. We also prepared the client for localization (which will happen in some future releases).
  • We are currently planning some more implementations from D365 roadmap....

Version 3.1 will be rolled out starting in february (specific clients next week).
A lot of new features to come with the next versions of Delegate365.

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